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Welcome to the home of the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, Southern California’s Doctor Who fan club since 1989. Here you will find links to the Who universe, an Episode Guide, along with news and information.

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Beware what lies In The Forest of the Night

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Time Meddlers of Los Angeles changed their profile picture.

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What if it suddenly became SMALLER on the inside . . . ?

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Time Meddlers of Los Angeles commented on their own status.

Oct 15th 10:00pm • No Comments

Next meeting is this Sunday October 19 at the LASFS Clubhouse - 6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401, 11AM-5PM. Join us for the next four episodes of Season 8, plus Trivia, the barbeque, and much more.

Oct 14th 7:31am • 1 Comment

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