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'Doctor Who' writer Moffat explains why the TARDIS disliked Clara


Steven Moffat has explained why the TARDIS disliked Doctor Who companion Clara. The storyline is one of many mysteries from Clara’s era that was left partially unsolved. It was first established in 2013’s ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ and ‘Hide’. The minisode ‘Clara and the TARDIS’ on Season 7’s box set fu...

Sep 23rd 6:14am • No Comments

Watching some classic Doctor Who at LASFS Clubhouse if you need to get out of the heat.

Sep 18th 12:18pm • No Comments

Let us know if you have any Doctor Who video requests for Sunday - Classic and New. See you Sunday.

Sep 16th 6:42am • No Comments

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles added an event.

September Time Meddlers Meeting

September Time Meddlers Meeting

Sep 11th 10:41am • No Comments

Join us September 18 at 11AM at the LASFS Clubhouse, 6012 Tyrone Ave, Van Nuys 91401. Join us for DW Videos, food, trivia and more.

Sep 11th 10:40am • No Comments

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