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The Doctor said goodbye to sunny Spain...

Timeline Photos

Jul 28th 9:58pm • No Comments

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles shared Doctor Who's photo.

Doctor Who

Peter and Pearl have arrived in sunny Valencia to shoot episode 2 of Series 10. Smile! 📷 :)

Jul 25th 6:16am • 1 Comment

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles shared a link.

Top ten Doctor Who references in other TV shows


From super subtle nods in the Sherlock credits to Community's Inspector Spacetime, here are the best references to Doctor Who from 10-1

Jul 24th 8:41am • No Comments

Not quite Doctor Who but cool all the same

First look picture of the Red Dwarf cast as they film new series


Rimmer, Lister and Cat are returning for brand new episodes on Dave in September

Jul 21st 5:56am • 1 Comment

Peter filming today but always making time for fans

Ray Spencer MBE on Twitter


“Thank you Peter Capaldi for letting us visit you today and being so gracious with your time”

Jul 20th 2:04pm • No Comments

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