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Phew! Unlike Clements the poacher, I was able to outrun the service robots. Thank you to everyone who came by our table today at Gallifrey, whether to say hi, sign up, or check out The Pinball Arcade!

Today at 12:19am • No Comments

Will she escape? Or will she be crushed by the might of Sutekh? Find out next time!

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Feb 18th 3:38pm • No Comments

If you're here at Gallifrey, don't forget to stop by the dealer room and see our very own Julie Scott for a fantastic chair massage. I had mine yesterday, and it was a great way to start the day!

Feb 18th 11:08am • No Comments

Friday at Gallifrey is not quite yet over, with the Idiot's Lantern Show still to come! I want to thank everyone who stopped by our table today and signed up. Hope you're all having a great time, and hope to see you at a future meeting!


Feb 17th 10:16pm • No Comments

I was left a few grotzits lighter after meeting this guy.

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Feb 17th 5:24pm • No Comments

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