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Welcome to the home of the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles, Southern California’s Doctor Who fan club since 1989. Here you will find links to the Who universe, an Episode Guide, along with news and information.

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For once, time is not on his side . . . .

Sep 20th 9:06am • No Comments

Next meeting is this Sunday September 21 at the LASFS Clubhouse - 6012 Tyrone, Van Nuys, CA 91401, 11AM-5PM. Join us for the first five episodes of Season 8, plus Trivia, the barbeque, and much more.

Sep 16th 8:33pm • No Comments

Time Meddlers of Los Angeles created an event.

September Time Meddlers Meeting

Today at 11:00am

LASFS Clubhouse

Sep 14th 1:52pm • No Comments

No one could have imagined what was lurking right at their feet . . .

Sep 13th 8:14am • No Comments

E-Survey - Before he was the Doctor, Peter Capaldi played Malcolm Tucker on the show The Thick of It and the movie In The Loop, a very boisterous, foul mouthed character with the most creative of insults. Check Youtube for inspiration and give us your best (PG Rated, so add in the needed bleeps) go at Malcolm Tucker mouthing off at a Doctor Who Villain.

Sep 9th 8:26pm • No Comments

Caption Contest and E-Survey Time. Responses will go in our newsletter. Caption Contest - So where has the TARDIS landed now, and where would you like to see it go? Bonus points if can tell us where they actually are.

Sep 9th 8:25pm • 1 Comment

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