Comments on DW Series 8. Let’s Get This Party Started!

Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor Who! I believe he will only get better as he gets deeper into tCopy of drwho_icon_tardishe character. Capaldi portrays the Doctor as a very alien Time Lord who has been observing but perhaps not truly connecting with humanity for countless centuries. To paraphrase Rose Tyler, “He’s just so…alien.” To the “naysayers” who do not like Capaldi in the role, I say that not one of us is ever completely happy with any new Doctor in his first season. Give him time to grow into the part!

Frankly, I was so done with Matt Smith’s over-the top slapstick antics towards the end of his reign that I welcome a dark Time Lord to the series! Don’t even get me started on the “Time of the Doctor”!
 Was that the best they could do for poor Matt Smith’s farewell performance? Old man makeup! Really???

Steven Moffatt, in his quest for world domination on behalf of the BBC Worldwide Doctor Who “brand” has returned to the vintage material for ideas and the series continues to move backwards in time towards it’s genesis as a young adult television program. Steven Moffatt’s global vision and business strategy is similar to what Christopher Bailey did for Burberry’s, another UK brand–total world domination and billions of dollars in revenue.

On the one hand we have Capaldi putting an adult spin on the character by portraying the Doctor’s differences from us humans not just his charming and madcap similarities. We are strongly reminded that the Doctor is not of this earth. On the other hand, we have Steven Moffatt sending the show into a more retro Young Adult direction populated by schoolteachers and such.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. “Here we go again!”

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