Comments Upon the Evolution of the Clara Oswald Character:

Did I miss something? Is Clara, as River Song suggested, a “copy of herself”– dead to the real wCopy of drwho_icon_tardisorld but existing in many lives splintered in the time stream? For that matter, does River Song still share a psychic link with Clara? This is such old news to us fans by now that the thread of curiosity is becoming worn and frayed. I cannot believe that Steven Moffat and the writing team will be able to wrap up this story line in a satisfactory manner.

Does anyone else get irritated every time Clara Oswald comes on camera and we hear her little theme song? How heavy-handed is this??

While I’m on the subject, when did Clara get so frumpy? (Except in Victorian attire! I’m certain the proprietors of Clockwork Couture share my opinion.) It seems to me that Jenna Coleman is now playing an entirely different character than the one introduced to us in “Asylum of the Daleks.” I am losing interest in Clara’s story with every new episode — particularly since she became a school teacher.

Is this a ho-hum reprise of “An Unearthly Child?” I’m certain the DW creative team believe they have created a world based in reality but none this world populated by school teachers and the like feels real to me nor does the relationship with Danny Pink. I’m not buying it. The human characters are two-dimensional and their stories seem contrived.

As British writer Kim Newman has explained, “With a dress code progressive for its day and teachers committed enough to spot an alien in class, Coal Hill was nevertheless uniquely like the schools the bulk of Doctor Who’s young audience actually attended. These sequences anchor “An Unearthly Child” in a reality from which the show could take off.”

This is precisely the reason the re-launch of Doctor Who in 2005 by Russell T. Davies was so strong. Rose Tyler, her family and friends and the neighborhood they lived in were completely believable and grounded the show in realism. The fantastic lurked just around the edges of everyday life and with every new episode we were transported out of our own lives and shown the wonders of the universe.


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