“I feel like I’m losing an old friend.” The new Doctor (Peter Davison) faces significant losses: his sonic screwdriver, the destruction of London at his hands, and a companion dies in action during the gripping & action-packed season nineteen of DOCTOR WHO!

 Castrovalva (Story 117) – Trying to stabilize his regeneration. The Doctor seeks the Zero Room, and ends up in the Master’s trap, and the crew avoids death within “Event One,” the birth of the universe. They then go to Tranquil Huts of Castrovalva, another trap.

Four to Doomsday (Story 118) – The Doctor meets Monarch, the Ruler of Urbanka, on a spaceship as they travel to Earth. Features the famous scene where the Doctor uses a cricket ball to space walk, and the Doctor must once again save Earth from invasion.

Kinda (Story 119) – On the planet Deva Loka, ancient serpentine spirits known as the Mara seek a way into our universe, and their path is through Tegan’s dreams.

The Visitation (Story 120) – While trying to get a gobbly Australian back to Heathrow for reasons unknown, the crew arrives at the airport only about 300 years too early. The Doctor loses his sonic screwdriver and starts the Great Fire of London to stop a trio of Terileptil convicts from using the plague to wipe out the entire human race.

Black Orchid (Story 121) – The crew arrive in 1925, play cricket, dance, and a harmed herbologist hiding as a harlequin causes harrowing havoc thinking Nyssa is his fiancé Ann.

Earthshock (Story 122) – On Earth, the Doctor discovers a bomb powerful enough to destroy the whole planet, one set by his old enemies, the Cybermen. To save all of humanity in history, Adric bravely gives his life by piloting the bomb to its destruction.

Time-Flight (Story 123) – Finally arriving at Heathrow, The Doctor finds out the jetliner Concorde is missing. Upon investigating, it seems airplanes have been drawn 140 million years through time by a sorcerer. Whatever is the Master up to this time?


“Dreams are important… never underestimate them.” The Doctor faces the return of the Mara, a would-be assassin in his assistant Turlough Vislor (Mark Strickson) and the loss of Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) in the 20th Anniversary year of DOCTOR WHO!

Arc of Infinity (Story 124) – An antimatter creature has crossed into normal space via  the Arc of Infinity but needs to bond physically with a Time Lord in order to remain stable. A traitor on Gallifrey has chosen the Doctor as the victim.

Snakedance (Story 125) – On the planet Manussa. Tegan falls once more under the influence of the Mara as the people of  Tanha are preparing for a ceremony to celebrate the banishment of the Mara five hundred years earlier.

Mawdryn Undead (Story 126) – The Black Guardian recruits Turlough to assassinate the Doctor. Although outwardly a pupil at a private boarding school, Turlough is an alien who believes the Guardian will return him home if he succeeds.

Terminus (Story 127) – The TARDIS attaches itself to a space liner where the Doctor and Nyssa free the crew from slavery to the Terminus corporation. The story marks Nyssa‘s exit, as she stays behind to help the Garm and the people affected.

Enlightenment (Story 128) – In the conclusion of the Black Guardian Trilogy, the Eternals are having a space race. The conclusion sees Turlough realize the error of his ways and become a true member of the TARDIS crew.

The King’s Demons (Story 129) – The TARDIS materializes in 13th-Century England during a joust held in honor of King John. The Doctor soon foils The Master’s plot to prevent the signing of the Magna Carta with the help of the robot Kamelion.

The Five Doctors (Story 130) – All five Doctors and many of their old companions are taken out of time and deposited in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. for the show’s 25th Anniversary special. They face Daleks, Cybermen, and even the Master!


“Brave heart, Tegan…” The adventures of the Fifth Doctor come to an end in this exceptional batch of stories. The Doctor faces mortality as the secrets of the celery are finally revealed in the pulse pounding twenty-first season of DOCTOR WHO!

 Warriors of the Deep (Story 131) – In 2084, the world is on the brink of war. The TARDIS sets down at a Sea Base for repairs, and the crew are mistaken to be enemy agents. The Silurians push for war to leave them and the Sea Devils as sole heirs to the planet.

The Awakening (Story 132) – In 1984, Tegan visits her grandfather in the village at Little Hodcombe. Local war reenactments get lethal when an ancient evil, the Malus, starts bringing real combatants through a time rift, and the Doctor must set things right.

Frontios (Story 133) – In the far future, the residents of Frontios are being sucked into the ground. The residents are being used and destroyed by the Tractators.  Turlough defends everyone with the Doctor’s hat stand.

Resurrection of the Daleks (Story 134) – In 1984, at the docks of London, Davros and the Daleks plan to replace the High Council of the Time Lords with duplicates of the TARDIS crew. Tired of seeing people die, Tegan decides it is time to leave.

Planet of Fire (Story 135) – The bikini of destiny! In Kamelion and Turlough’s last adventure, a student named Peri (Nicola Bryant) helps the crew recover a beacon. The Master controls Kamelion, and the crew go to Sarn, where Turlough finds his future.

The Caves of Androzani (Story 136) – With the help of a corrupt industrialist, Sharaz Jek plots to return himself to power. The Doctor dies while saving Peri and the planet.