“It may be irrational of me, but humans are quite my favorite species.” And so begins the tenure of Tom Baker, the man most indelibly linked to the classic series. Join the Doctor, Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen), and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) as they finally leave Earth and UNIT behind for good and explore the universe, meeting the Cybermen, the Sontarans and watching the birth of the Dalek race!

Robot (Story 075) – A newly regenerated Doctor joins UNIT in an investigation into the theft of top secret plans and equipment from supposedly secure premises. Sarah discovers that the raids have been carried out by a robot invented by scientist Professor Kettlewell while he was working for Think Tank, a group of revolutionaries.

The Ark in Space (Story 076) – The TARDIS lands on the Nerva Beacon, a space station, and the Doctor, Sarah and Ian wake up people who have been in hibernation for thousands of years. Will the Wirrn finally get revenge on the humans for loss of their breeding colonies in Andromeda?

The Sontaran Experiment (Story 077) – Leaving Nerva station, the three travelers go to the abandoned Earth, only to find it not completely abandoned. They race against time to try stop the experiments the Sontarans are doing in order to fight humanity.

Genesis of the Daleks (Story 078) – The crew arrives on Skaro at a time when the Thals and the Kaleds are on the brink of nuclear war. Davros has an even scarier option, mutating Kaleds into the battle machines, the Daleks. In order to stop galactic bloodshed, the Time Lords ask the Doctor to destroy the Daleks at the time of their birth!

Revenge of the Cybermen (Story 079) – Arriving back at Nerva Beacon just a few millennia early, the adventurers have to try to save humanity from an onslaught of Cybermen, cure Sarah Jane from a plague, and to deal with the Vogans.


“I’m not a human being. I walk in eternity.” In what is considered the finest season of the show, the episodes are inspired by classic horror films. Frankenstein, The Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Thing and more are all represented with a gothic flair in the brilliant and lucky episodes of the thirteenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

Terror of the Zygons (Story 080) – The Doctor is summoned to Earth by the Brigadier who is in Scotland investigating the mysterious loss of oil rigs. The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Harry face the Loch Ness Monster!

Planet of Evil (Story 081) – The TARDIS picks up a distress call and the Doctor and Sarah travel to the planet Zeta Minor. There they face the duplicate of Professor Sorenson, and anti-matter creatures upset that the expedition has taken their friends.

Pyramids of Mars (Story 082) – The TARDIS materializes inside a mansion where they find Egyptian relics. Mummies roam the grounds, killing anyone in their path, and the Doctor and Sarah Jane must travel to Mars to stop Sutekh the Destroyer.

The Android Invasion (Story 083) – When the TARDIS lands in the sleepy English village of Devesham, Sarah thinks the Doctor has finally got her back home. But all is not as it seems in this story inspired by The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The Brain of Morbius (Story 084) – Years ago, the Time Lord known as Morbius was executed. When the Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet, they discover that, thanks to Dr. Solon, Morbius may rise and it is up to the Doctor to stop him.

The Seeds of Doom (Story 085) – Two ancient Krynoid, seed pods are found buried in the Antarctic permafrost. The Doctor must keep them from infecting and transforming all animal life on Earth. The Doctor must stop eccentric plant collector Harrison Chase and his henchman Scorby! from using the pods for wrongdoing.


“The worse the situation, the worse your jokes get.” The Doctor visits his home world, faces Eldrad, killer robots, and the loss of Sarah Jane Smith while gaining the savage Leela in the fourteenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Masque of Mandragora (Story 086) – The Doctor and Sarah Jane end up in Renaissance Italy, where they put a stop to Count Federico’s plans for the Mandragora Helix to take over the Earth, at least until the end of the 20th century.

The Hand of Fear (Story 087) – The Doctor and Sarah are caught in a mining explosion. Sarah is found clutching a fossilized hand, and they soon discover that “Eldrad Must Live!” Sick of being shot at, savaged by bug eyed monsters, never knowing if she’s coming or going… or been… the Doctor reluctantly leaves Sarah Jane behind.

The Deadly Assassin (Story 088) – The Doctor returns to Gallifrey. When the President of the High Council is assassinated, however, the Doctor becomes the prime suspect.  This is the only story in which the Doctor does not have a companion.

The Face of Evil (Story 089) – When the TARDIS arrives on a jungle planet, the Doctor encounters his face on a rock cliff.  The Doctor had though he saved a ship once, but the people are the descendants of the survivors from after the ship crashed. As things unfold, the Doctor meets Leela of the Sevateem (Louise Jameson).

The Robots of Death (Story 090) – A mining vessel is commanded by a crew served by robots, the Vocs and the Dums. It is a happy partnership until the human crew starts being murdered one by one by a group that wants to start a robot rebellion.

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Story 091) – The Doctor Who and Leela are confronted by giant rats, magicians in this gripping thriller set in the shadowy depths of nineteenth century London.


“Affirmative, Master!” The Doctor travels through space and time with Leela and his new companion, the ever faithful tin dog K9. They stop monsters, viruses, and help rebellions during Leela’s last adventures in the fifteenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

Horror of Fang Rock (Story 092) – The TARDIS materializes by a lonely lighthouse on the isle of Fang Rock. Mysterious deaths turn out to be related to the Sontarans‘ mortal enemies, the Rutans. Can the Doctor save Leela or anyone this time?

The Invisible Enemy (Story 093) – A shuttle crew encounters a cloud in space that infects them with an intelligent virus. When the Doctor answers the distress call, he is infected as well. Here they meet Dr. Marius and his robotic assistant K9 (John Leeson).

Image of the Fendahl (Story 094) – A sonic time scan draws the TARDIS to the Fetch Monastery. The Doctor and Leela discover a crystal human skull that is the key to a nightmare from the Time Lords’ past. A monster stalks the priory grounds; and within, someone is intent on unleashing a creature that feeds on death itself.

The Sun Makers (Story 095) – The TARDIS arrives at Pluto sometime in the future, where there are now six suns, a breathable atmosphere and a large industrial community. The Company controls the planet and exploits the workers. The Doctor and Leela join forces with an underground band of rebels.

Underworld (Story 096) – The TARDIS lands on a spacecraft piloted by the last survivors of the planet Minyos seeking to recover a lost ship with the future of their race.

The Invasion of Time (Story 097) – The Doctor returns to Gallifrey and claims the Presidency. He orders Leela expelled from the Capitol Citadel. However, the Doctor does this to prevent a Sontaran-instigated disaster, but the story ends with Leela staying on Gallifrey so she can marry… a Gallifreyan guard?


The Key to Time!  A figure calling himself the White Guardian commissions the Doctor and K-9, assisted by his new companion Romana (Mary Tamm), to find the six segments of the Key to Time, an artifact resembling a perfect cube that maintains the equilibrium of the universe in the sixteenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Ribos Operation (Story 098) – The Doctor is recruited by the White Guardian to seek the six segments of the Key to Time. The Doctor is given a new assistant, the Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, to aid him in dealing with the Graff Vynder-K.

The Pirate Planet (Story 099) – The quest for the second segment takes the Doctor and Romana to the planet Zanak, which has been hollowed out and fitted with hyperspace engines, allowing its insane half-robot Captain to materialize it around other smaller planets and plunder their resources.

The Stones of Blood (Story 100) – The quest for the third segment takes them to 1970s Earth, where under a full moon, the travelers contend with blood-thirsty stone circles, Druidic rituals, and a not-so-mythical goddess known as the Cailleach.

The Androids of Tara (Story 101) – The quest for the fourth segment takes them to the planet Tara. The Doctor and Romana find themselves meeting Romana’s twin in the political games in a very fun adventure inspired by The Prisoner of Zenda.

The Power of Kroll (Story 102) – The quest for the fifth segment takes them to the third moon of Delta Magna, caught in the middle of a dispute between the crew of a Methane Refinery and the natives (known as “Swampies”).

The Armageddon Factor (Story 103) – The quest for the sixth and final segment takes them to Atrios, a world caught in a perpetual, stalemated war with its planetary neighbor Zeos. The Black Guardian is clouding in. Can the Doctor save the universe?


“Interfere? Of course we should interfere. Always do what you’re best at, that’s what I say.” The Doctor travels with the new Romana, and K9 has laryngitis as they square off against their old foes the Daleks, blobs and Count Scarlioni in the never fully completed seventeenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

Destiny of the Daleks (Story 104) – The Doctor and Romana (Lalla Ward) investigate the drilling that is going at a strangely familiar planet. The Daleks are searching for their creator Davros in the hope that he can assist them in their war with the Movellans.

City of Death (Story 105) –  As the Doctor shows Romana around Paris they become aware of a time distortion created by Count Scarlioni. They visit Leonardo daVinci’s workshop in this story penned by story editor Douglas Adams.

The Creature from the Pit (Story 106) – On Chloris, the Doctor, soon find themselves caught up in a long and secret enmity between the Lady Adrasta, who rules the planet in fear, and the mysterious blob she keeps in a Pit along with the astrologer Tythonus.

Nightmare of Eden (Story 107) – The orbit of the holiday planet, Azure, the year 2116. The starships Empress and Hecate are fused together after an accident in hyperspace. Naturally the Doctor thinks he can find a solution, but has the accident unleashed a far more deadly menace?

The Horns of Nimon (Story 108) – After colliding with a spaceship, The Doctor, Romana and K-9 learn young natives from a peaceful planet called Aneth are being transported into a great labyrinth called “The Power Complex.”

Shada (Story 109) – Never broadcast, this legendary lost story was also written by Douglas Adams. The Doctor and Romana are called to Earth by Professor Chronotis, who is residence at Cambridge College in England, and he asks them to return a book to Gallifrey. (Narrated to complete the story.)


“Night must fall, Romana, even in E-Space.” A season of many changes, from the opening credits to the arrival of John Nathan Turner as the show’s producer and Adric as his new companion. It’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for as the Fourth Doctor’s story ends in the entropic eighteenth season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Leisure Hive (Story 110) – Finding out-of-season Brighton beach somewhat lacking, the Doctor and Romana travel to Argolis where strange experiments are taking place.

Meglos (Story 111) – Meglos, the last Zolfa-Thuran, steals an energy source from his enemies and The Doctor is blamed. The Doctor must set things right. Features the “rampaging rutabega” of a double for the Fourth Doctor.

Full Circle (Story 112) – Arriving in E-Space, the Doctor and Romana discover the descendants of a crashed starliner, along with Adric (Matthew Waterhouse). They discover the surprising link between the crew, the local marsh men and spiders.

State of Decay (Story 113) – Another crashed ship in E-Space, but this time, the original crew is still around and are Great Vampires, legendary enemies of the Time Lords. Adric, a stowaway, is found and joins the crew in a script written by Terrance Dicks.

Warriors’ Gate (Story 114) – Trapped in a shrinking void somewhere between E-Space and the normal universe, the Doctor and Romana rescue slaves taken from many places in time and space. Romana and K9 stay behind to help the survivors.

The Keeper of Traken (Story 115) – The peaceful world of Traken stands watch over an ancient evil statue, the Melkur, inside which the Master has been biding his time and regaining strength. Introduces Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and Anthony Ainley as the Master.

Logopolis (Story 116) – Taking the TARDIS in for long overdue repairs, the Doctor is warned of his own demise but must save the universe once more. An Australian flight attendant, Tegan Jovenka (Janet Fielding), happens into the TARDIS by accident.