“Oh, that’s it, you’ve been renewed, have you?” And with those words, the Doctor (William Hartnell) becomes the Doctor (Patrick Troughton). The Doctor faces the Daleks and a new foe, the Cybermen in the exciting fourth season of Doctor Who!

The Power of the Daleks (Story 030) – The TARDIS lands in a human colony on the planet Vulcan. The Doctor appears to have transformed into a different person, but Ben and Polly are unsure whether if this is really the Doctor or not. (Reconstruction)

The Highlanders (Story 031) – The TARDIS materializes on Culloden Moor just after the rout of the Jacobite rebels in 1745. So we meet James Robert McCrimmon (Frazer Hines), one of the Doctor’s longest running companions. (Reconstruction)

The Underwater Menace (Story 032) – The Doctor and crew materialize on a volcanic island, where natives of an underground civilization kidnap them. (Two animated episodes)

The Moonbase (Story 033) – Trying to take his companions to Mars, the Doctor instead ends up on the moon in the year 2070. (Two animated episodes)

The Macra Terror (Story 034) – The TARDIS lands on a human colony world where everyone appears to be happy. But beware the beasts outside! (Reconstruction)

The Faceless Ones (Story 035) – The TARDIS arrives in the landing path of a plane at Gatwick airport. (Reconstruction)

The Evil of the Daleks (Story 036) – The battle rages from Victorian England to Skaro where the Daleks seem finished forever… but are they? (Reconstruction)


“Hey, you’re giving me the willies.” Monsters, monsters and more monsters. The Doctor and crew fight Cybermen, Yeti, Ice Warriors and even the Doctor’s evil twin in adventures throughout time and space in the fifth season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Tomb of the Cybermen (Story 037) – The TARDIS arrives on the planet Telos where an archaeological expedition is attempting to uncover the lost tombs of the Cybermen. Upon finding the long lost cyborgs, the leader vows to unleash them once more!

The Abominable Snowmen (Story 038) – The TARDIS arrives in 1935 and the Doctor visits a remote monastery in order to return a sacred bell given to him for safe keeping on a previous visit. There he joins an expedition to find the Yeti. (Reconstruction)

The Ice Warriors (Story 039) – The TARDIS arrives on Earth at the time of a new ice age.  The travelers make their way into a base where scientists are using an ionizer device to combat the glacier’s advance, but awaken warriors from Mars! (Two animated episodes)

The Enemy of the World (Story 040) – The TARDIS materializes in the 21st-century Earth, where the Doctor discovers that he’s the exact double of Salamander. (Reconstruction)

The Web of Fear (Story 041) – The TARDIS narrowly avoids becoming caught in a web-like substance in space. It then arrives in the London Underground, the tunnels of which are overrun by the web and by the Great Intelligence’s robot Yeti. (Reconstruction)

Fury from the Deep (Story 042) – The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive at an outpost drilling for natural gas where mysterious heartbeat sounds are coming through the pipes. Victoria has had enough and chooses to remain on Earth. (Reconstruction)

The Wheel in Space (Story 043) – The TARDIS lands on a rocket in space. The Doctor and Jamie are rescued. Onboard the station is Zoe Heriot, computer genius (Wendy Padbury), and together they face a new threat from the Cybermen! (Reconstruction)


“You can’t do this!” The Doctor exclaims as the black and white era comes to a close. Join the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe on their final travels in the TARDIS fighting Cybermen and more during the breathtaking sixth season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Dominators (Story 044) – The TARDIS materializes on the planet Dulkis, currently under threat from two alien Dominators who have landed in a spaceship.

The Mind Robber (Story 045) – After an accident with the TARDIS, the Doctor, Zoe and Jamie are transported into a dimension where fiction rules. Here Jamie gets a mixed-up face, and they encounter a range of fictional characters and ominous White Robots.

The Invasion (Story 046) – The Doctor goes to the International Electromatics in search of a missing scientist. The Brigadier’s UNIT force aids the Doctor in discovering what lies under the surface of International Electromatics and what the Cybermen are up to as they march on London! (Two animated episodes)

The Krotons (Story 047) – When the TARDIS arrives on the planet of the Gonds, they discover a world ruled and enslaved by the Krotons. The Doctor and his companions decide to put a stop to their rule – but in doing so, inadvertently unleash the true power and terror of the Krotons instead.

The Seeds of Death (Story 048) – The TARDIS arrives on Earth where the T-Mat has revolutionized travel. Trouble soon erupts on the Moon, and is Earth in danger?

The Space Pirates (Story 049) – Space beacons on the space lanes are being blown up and plundered for precious argonite by a gang of space pirates. (Reconstruction)

The War Games (Story 050) – In the Second Doctor’s swansong, the TARDIS lands in the Great War… or does it? The Doctor has to survive wars and ask for help from his own people in this epic ten-part story.