A new era, a new Doctor. Color! Alongside his new companion Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Caroline John), the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) joins UNIT as they save Earth from Autons, an attack by the lizard men called the Silurians, provide help to Martians and work against time to stop an exploding Earth!

Spearhead from Space (Story 051) – The now outcast Doctor finds shoes, a tattoo on his arm and his new car Bessie as he, the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney) and Liz Shaw stop rampaging shop dummies as he begins his exile on Earth and joins UNIT.

The Silurians (Story 052) – UNIT is called in to investigate strange happenings at the Cyclotron. People missing, people dead with claw marks. “It’s like a reptile, but walks like a man.” Someone has come to reclaim their planet… the planet Earth!

The Ambassadors of Death (Story 053) – Recovery Seven links up to the long missing Mars probe. A shriek, then silence. The Doctor faces radioactive astronauts, bank robbers and more while Liz Shaw faces her captors!

Inferno (Story 054) – The Inferno project has a noble goal, trying to reach pockets of Stahlman’s gas as a cheap form of energy. After an accident, the Doctor ends up in an alternative universe facing Brigade Leader Lethbridge-Stewart. Can he save not one, but two Earths?


“I have so few worthy opponents.” As Holmes has his Moriarty, the Batman his Joker, the Doctor matches wits time and again with his new Time Lord adversary, the Master. Once friends on their homeworld, even brothers, the chess match between the Doctor and the Master begins in the eighth season of DOCTOR WHO!

Terror of the Autons (Story 055) – The Master (Roger Delgado) works with the Nestene Consciousness to create a new Auton army that gives a new meaning to the words “Flower Power.” Can the Doctor figure out how to stop the latest invasion?

The Mind of Evil (Story 056) – The Doctor is caught up in events at Stangmoor Prison, where Professor Keller’s new machine is said to remove all evil impulses from the minds of the prisoners, though the machine quickly proves to have a mind of its own.

The Claws of Axos (Story 057) – An alien spaceship is detected on monitoring equipment at UNIT HQ, where the Brigadier is entertaining two visitors sent to discuss the threat of the Master. The ship lands in England nearby Nuton power station, they meet its occupants: beautiful golden-skinned humanoids called Axons.

Colony in Space (Story 058) – The Time Lords discover that the Master has stolen their secret files on the Doomsday Weapon and send the Doctor to retrieve it for them.

The Daemons (Story 059) – In the peaceful village of Devil’s End, a professor is preparing to open a nearby burial mound and a local white witch has foresees death and disaster. Meanwhile, the new vicar (who looks suspiciously like the Master) is using black magic to conjure up an ancient Daemon.


“Nobody and nothing can stop me now!” The Doctor prevents the Daleks and the Master from taking over the world, again… and allies with his one-time foes the Ice Warriors in the varied and fun adventures of Season Nine of DOCTOR WHO!

Day of the Daleks (Story 060) – Earth, the near future. Diplomat Sir Reginald Styles has started seeing ghosts at his mansion – an alarming development given his position as possibly the only man capable of stopping the Third World War. The Doctor and Jo go ghost hunting – but are the ghosts from the past or future?

The Curse of Peladon (Story 061) – The Doctor and Jo make a test flight in the TARDIS and arrive on the planet Peladon. Seeking shelter, they enter the citadel of the soon-to-be-crowned King Peladon, where the Doctor is mistaken for the Chairman of a committee assessing an application by the planet to join the Galactic Federation.

The Sea Devils (Story 062) – The Doctor and Jo encounter an ancient race of amphibious Silurians off the South Coast of England, and soon learn of their plans to seize Earth for themselves – in collaboration with the Master.

The Mutants (Story 063) – When a strange message pod turns up at UNIT HQ, the Doctor finds himself involved in another dangerous mission for the Time Lords. The TARDIS takes them to Sybase One. It is the 30th century and the planet is about to gain independence from Earth’s glorious empire. But someone on Solos has other plans… the natives are slowly mutating into fierce-looking creatures.

The Time Monster (Story 064) – The Master, in the guise of Professor Thascales, has constructed at the Newton Institute in Wootton a device known as Transmission Of Matter Through Interstitial Time (TOMTIT) – with which to gain control over Kronos, a creature from outside time.


“Oh, so you’re my replacements – a dandy and a clown.” And so the Doctor meets himself to save the universe, for which the TARDIS is revitalized by the Time Lords and The Doctor’s exile ends in the exciting Tenth Anniversary season of DOCTOR WHO!

The Three Doctors (Story 065) – A mysterious black hole is draining away power from the Universe. Even the Time Lords are threatened. The only person who can help the Doctor is… himself.  This Anniversary story featured Patrick Troughton, and was also the last appearance of William Hartnell as the Doctor.

Carnival of Monsters (Story 066) – The Doctor and Jo take the TARDIS on a test flight. They arrive on a cargo ship crossing the Indian Ocean in 1926, but is really trapped inside a malfunctioning Miniscope – a banned peepshow of miniaturized life-forms.

Frontier in Space (Story 067) – The TARDIS arrives in the year 2540 on board an Earth spaceship, which comes under attack. The crew see the Doctor, Jo and the attackers as Draconians, but The Doctor and Jo see that the attackers are really Ogrons.

Planet of the Daleks (Story 068) – The crew lands the TARDIS on the planet Spiridon, where they and the Thals try to stop the Daleks from awakening the biggest Dalek army the galaxy has ever seen.

The Green Death (Story 069) – UNIT is called in after a miner from the Welsh village of Llanfairfach is found dead, his skin glowing bright green. Jo joins forces with a local environmental group, led by Professor Clifford Jones, while the Doctor investigates the nearby plant of a company called Global Chemicals. Is this the last we will see of Jo?


“I shall summon assistance – HELP!!!!!” With Jo gone, the Doctor gains new help from Sarah Jane Smith, a journalist and wise soul. They square off against Sontarans, Daleks, and dinosaurs in the final outings of the Third Doctor in DOCTOR WHO!

The Time Warrior (Story 070) – Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) is impersonating her aunt, in order to gain access to a research center where top scientists are being held in custody while UNIT looks into the disappearance of a number of their colleagues. The Doctor tracks the invasion to the Middle Ages, to a Sontaran named Linx.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs (Story 071) – Returning to London, the Doctor and Sarah find an empty city. The civilian population has been evacuated in the wake of an unimaginable event: somehow Dinosaurs have returned to terrorize the Earth.

Death to the Daleks (Story 072) – A power failure in the TARDIS draws it off course, the crew end up stranded on the bleak planet of Exxilon. An Earth expedition is searching for a rare mineral, but first they must find out what is draining their power and avoid what’s inside another grounded spaceship – the Doctor’s oldest enemies, the Daleks.

The Monster of Peladon (Story 073) – The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Sarah to the medieval planet Peladon, half a century after the Time Lord’s first visit. Now under the influence of the Galactic Federation, the Pel nobles enjoy new riches and new technology, but there is trouble in the trisilicate mines involving the Ice Warriors.

Planet of the Spiders (Story 074) – At a Tibetan retreat, a group of men are using ancient meditation rituals to tap into a mysterious alien power. They unwittingly create a bridgehead between Earth and Metebelis Three, a planet where “Two Legs” are oppressed by giant spiders. The creatures wish to recover a jewel the Doctor gave to Jo Grant as a wedding gift. Now the Doctor must face mortal peril to confront The Great One, who plans to use the crystal to enslave all of human kind.