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By Kristina Etchison

Karen Gillan selfieIn Karen Gillan News: How far should we go to support a former Companion in her/his choice of “post-Who” projects ? You be the judge!

Why do network executives in this country persist in underestimating the American television audience? Although it is not always the case, there appears to be a belief that we cannot relate to an actor with a British accent. Current examples of our favorite British Who actors pretending to be American are: John Simm in Intruders, Alex Kingston in Arrow, David Tennant * in Gracepoint…and now Karen Gillan in Selfie.

One British ex-pat writer I know commented that he has a hard time watching BBC America’s Intruders because, although he thinks John Simm is brilliant, the actor appears to be concentrating so intensely on delivering a perfect American accent that his performance suffers as a result.

This may be the case with Karen Gillan in Selfie, an ABC sitcom that has received a large marketing push from the network. Karen plays Eliza Dooley (Shades of Pygmalion!) and co-star John Choe is determined to make a lady out of her very self-absorbed self. Her accent is perfect “Valley-girl dumb,” and for those of us who fell in love with a smart and often angry Scot named Amy Pond, Eliza comes off as stiff and remarkably unfunny.

Clearly the network has great hopes for this sitcom and are banking on Karen’s wide fan base from her Doctor Who days. Since the execs at ABC want a modern-day My Fair Lady storyline, why not let her stay an angry Scottish girl who learns to drop her accent and mend her short temper?

Who knows what U.S. television executives think their viewers want? Why are some TV sitcoms a success and some not? Such profound questions are not for us to ponder. Since it’s premiere the show has improved a bit and Karen smiles much more than she did in the beginning of the season. We all wish both Karen and John good fortune on this project.

I have clicked on the web links below hoping that it will help the actors involved:

  • I am compelled to mention David Tennant’s great performance in Gracepoint, the American remake of the BBC’s Broadchurch. He is such a gifted actor that his American accent is perfection, the familiar timbre of his voice the same and his acting is, as always, of the highest caliber!

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