Time Meddlers November Meeting and Annual Auction

Good Evening! Apologies for the late posting, as our automatic link with Facebook seems to be broken, but emails have also gone out. Anyone who doesn’t currently receive email updates but would like to can email me at meddlermail@yahoo.com to be added to our list.

Our previously announced auction will take place this Sunday, November 19th from 11-2 at the Buchanan Arms Pub, located at 2013 Burbank Blvd in Burbank.

****Please read!****
Some ground rules for the auction:
Everyone is encouraged to clear out their closets and bring items to donate. It does not have to be Doctor Who related, or even sci-fi related. We’ll take anything! Any books, DVDs, posters, ornaments, knick-knacks, junk, or anything else cluttering up your life is welcome! And of course you’ll want to clear out to make room for everyone else’s stuff that you’re going to buy!
While the restaurant accepts cards, I’m afraid that we do not. The auction will be cash only, so please plan accordingly. All items purchased will need to be paid for immediately after the auction. Also, I will only have a limited amount of change, so exact change will be appreciated. Bidding usually starts at $1, so we’re not talking big bucks here. All money raised will go back to the Time Meddlers to cover website hosting fees, and any other club expenses.

I hope to see you all there!

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