Matt Smith


“Geronimo!” Matt Smith stars as the 11th incarnation as the Doctor in the show’s fifth series. As the Doctor journeys through time and space, he’s joined by new companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) in a battle of wits against a fresh batch of villains.

The Eleventh Hour (Story 207) – The new Doctor has 20 minutes to save the world, and only Amy Pond can help him.

The Beast Below (Story 208) – The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future where she finds all of Britain in a spaceship!

Victory of the Daleks (Story 209) – Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to Blitz-torn London, but the Daleks are waiting.

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone (Story 210) – The Doctor hunts the last of the Weeping Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead.

The Vampires of Venice (Story 211) – Corpses and terror fill the canals as the Doctor, Amy and Rory visit 16th century Venice.

Amy’s Choice (Story 212) – A pregnant Amy Pond faces a terrible choice. Or does she? All is not as it seems…

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood (Story 213) – The reptilian Silurians were the former rulers of Earth and they want their planet back!

Vincent and the Doctor (Story 214) – The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent van Gogh… And an ancient, terrifying monster.

The Lodger (Story 215) – The Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people go up but never go down.

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang (Story 216) – The Doctor confronts an army of old enemies.


“Howdy…” The Doctor returns alongside newlyweds Amy and Rory, to face monsters, mysteries and adventures across time and space. Only two things in the sixth series are certain, Silence will fall and a good man is going to die…

A Christmas Carol (Story 217) – The Doctor must save a crashing spaceship and a miser’s soul – but what lurks in the fog?

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (Story 218) – Amy, Rory and River mourn the Doctor, but they fight an alien invasion dating back to the beginnings of time.

The Curse of the Black Spot (Story 219) – There’s terror on the high seas, as the Doctor is stranded on a pirate ship.

The Doctor’s Wife (Story 220) – By following a Time Lord distress signal, the Doctor endangers Amy, Rory and the TARDIS.

The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People (Story 221) – A solar tsunami liberates doppelgangers from their human originals.

A Good Man Goes to War (Story 222) – The Doctor assembles an alien army to fight the Battle of Demons Run.

Let’s Kill Hitler (Story 223) – Nazis! The TARDIS crash-lands in 1930s Berlin.

Night Terrors (Story 224) – The Doctor must deal with sinister dolls coming to life.

The Girl Who Waited (Story 225) – Amy’s trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague. Can Rory save her?

The God Complex (Story 226) – The TARDIS lands in a hotel where every visitor’s room contains their biggest fears.

Closing Time (Story 227) – The Doctor’s final days are upon him, and the Cybermen are waiting…

The Wedding of River Song (Story 228) – All of time and space hangs in the balance, for this is the day the Doctor dies.


“I will not open my tomb.” As the Doctor (Matt Smith) makes his final journey. He knows only one thing can keep the universe safe – his own death…

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (Story 229) – A madcap caretaker leads an evacuee and her two children into a magical wintry world.

Asylum of the Daleks (Story 230) – The Doctor is kidnapped by his oldest foe, to save them.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (Story 231) – The Doctor battles to save an unmanned spaceship and its impossible cargo… of dinosaurs!

A Town Called Mercy (Story 232) – The Doctor gets a Stetson (and a gun!) and finds himself a reluctant marshal.

The Power of Three (Story 233) – The Doctor and the Ponds puzzle over an unlikely invasion of Earth.

The Angels Take Manhattan (Story 234) – The Doctor’s farewell to Amy and Rory.

The Snowmen (Story 235) – The Doctor faces Dr. Simeon and an army of snowmen!

The Bells of Saint John (Story 236) – The search for Clara brings the Doctor to London, where something deadly is in the Wi-Fi.

The Rings of Akhaten (Story 237) – The Doctor takes Clara to the Festival of Offerings, but the Old God is waking…

Cold War (Story 238) – On a Russian submarine, a frozen alien warrior is waking up.

Hide (Story 239) – The Doctor is in a ghost hunt in the Caliburn House. The Ghostbusters should have appeared in this one, but did not.

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (Story 240) – The TARDIS has crashed, Clara is lost, and the Doctor has 30 minutes before it explodes!

The Crimson Horror (Story 241) – Something ghastly is afoot in Victorian Yorkshire.

Nightmare in Silver (Story 242) – The perfect theme park day out is also ground zero for a deadly silver resurrection.

The Name of the Doctor (Story 243) – The Doctor has a secret he will take to his grave.

The Day of the Doctor (Story 244) – The 50th Anniversary special, in which the Sonic Screwdriver is explained as we find out the Doctor was Ollivander all along (War Doctor John Hurt).

The Time of the Doctor – (Story 245) – The 2013 Christmas special, in which we say goodbye to 11, and say hello to 12!