It all started with a police box. Teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright follow Susan Foreman home, only to discover she lives in a junkyard. They come across a strange blue box, and before they know it, they are whisked away by a mad man in a box for the adventure of a lifetime! And so begins the journey of DOCTOR WHO!

An Unearthly Child (Story 001) – The pilot, where the Doctor (William Hartnell) takes Susan (Carole Ann Ford), Ian (William Russell) and Barbara (Jacqueline Hill) to the year 100,000 BC. (Includes alternate, never-aired first pilot.)

The Daleks (Story 002) – The Doctor sets his ship down for repairs on the Planet Skaro, where he finds the Thal race under attack from a strange metallic foe – The Daleks!

The Edge of Destruction (Story 003) – After an explosion, the crew end up in a void and start to turn on each other. Can they figure out what’s wrong before it’s too late?

Marco Polo (Story 004) – Landing in 1289, the Doctor and his companions travel the Silk Road of China while trying to regain the TARDIS. (Reconstruction)

The Keys of Marinus (Story 005) – Arbitan needs help recovering the keys to help save his people from the Voord. Will Ian be convicted of theft and murder?

The Aztecs (Story 006) – In the Aztec Empire, Autloc and Tlotoxl fight for control while Barbara is mistaken for the goddess Yetaxa. Barbara wants to save the people, though the Doctor warns her, “You can’t change history, Barbara. Not one line!”

The Sensorites (Story 007) – The Doctor and Susan fight the paranoid Sensorites over control of a spaceship. Susan demonstrates her mental powers while freeing the crew.

The Reign of Terror (Story 008) – The Doctor becomes a government official while trying to save Barbara, Ian and Susan from the guillotine! (Two episodes animated)


“Yes, I shall come back!” The Doctor and crew are shrunk to six inches high, watch Rome burn, help Richard the Lion Hearted, and face the Daleks several times during the non-stop action in the second season of DOCTOR WHO!

Planet of Giants (Story 009) – The TARDIS crew discover that they have all been reduced in size to six inches tall and the world they explored has dangers at every turn.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Story 010) – The TARDIS materializes in the year 2167. They discover the streets are patrolled by zombie-like humans who are controlled by the evil Daleks.  A teary farewell as Susan (Ford) is left behind to start a new life.

The Rescue (Story 011) – Arriving on the planet Dido, the time travelers come upon a crashed spaceship from Earth. Its two occupants are living in fear of Koquillion, but not everything is as it seems. The Doctor rescues Vicki (Maureen O’Brien).

The Romans (Story 012) – The travelers vacation at a villa not far from Rome in 64 AD.  The Doctor sets off to visit the city and accidentally influences Nero to burn the city.

The Web Planet (Story 013) – A force pulls the TARDIS of course stranding them on the alien world of Vortis. A battle is raging between the Menoptra and the Zarbi.

The Crusade (Story 014) – The TARDIS lands in twelfth century Palestine, where King Richard the Lion Hearted is embroiled in a holy war against the Saracen ruler, Saladin. (Reconstruction)

The Space Museum (Story 015) – The TARDIS travelers arrive on Xeros. They discover themselves displayed as exhibits in a museum devoted to the Moroks’ conquests.  As time shifts back, they must do what they can to avert this future.

The Chase (Story 016) – The travelers are forced to flee when they learn that a group of Daleks who have their own time machine are on their trail with plans to… EXERMINATE!

The Time Meddler (Story 017) – The TARDIS arrives on an English coastline in the year 1066. The Doctor discovers one of his own people trying to change the history of all mankind.


“Bret… Katarina… Sara…” A season that sees many changes and even deaths as the Doctor continues his travels through time and space in the third season of DOCTOR WHO!

Galaxy 4 (Story 018) – The TARDIS materializes on a doomed planet in Galaxy 4, and beautiful female warriors known as the Drahvins capture the crew. (Reconstruction)

Mission to the Unknown (Story 019) – Space Security agent Marc Cory visits the planet Kembel to investigate rumors of Dalek activity in the area. (One animated episode)

The Myth Makers (Story 020) – The TARDIS arrives on the plains of Asia Minor during the Trojan War, and when the Doctor emerges, he is mistaken for the god Zeus. Vicki leaves as Katarina (Adrienne Hill) joins the TARDIS crew. (Reconstruction)

The Daleks’ Master Plan (Story 021) – The Daleks assemble the leaders of several empires to unite them in an alliance, which will then declare war on an unsuspecting Earth. Will Katarina survive in this ten part serial? (Reconstruction)

The Massacre (Story 022) – The TARDIS materializes in Paris in the year 1572, and the Doctor visits the apothecary Charles Preslin.  After this, the Doctor accidentally picks up a new companion, Dodo Chaplet (Jackie Lane). (Reconstruction)

The Ark (Story 023) – The TARDIS arrives 10 million years in the future on a giant spaceship. The ship is carrying Earth’s surviving life (nicknamed The Ark) on a 700 year long trip to a new home on the planet Refusis.

The Celestial Toymaker (Story 024) – The Doctor, Steven and Dodo fall into the clutches of the Celestial Toymaker, an immortal who challenges his victims to games. (Reconstruction)

The Gunfighters (Story 025) – Suffering from a toothache, the Doctor puts down in Tombstone, Arizona, where the local dentist is none other than the notorious Doc Holliday.

The Savages (Story 026) – The TARDIS materializes in what the Doctor claims is a time of great peace – but if the Elders of the city are so wise and powerful why do savages still live in the wilderness outside the city walls? (Reconstruction)

The War Machines (Story 027) – London, 1966: the Doctor and Dodo face a computer that can think for itself and is soon to be networked with other computers around the world. Dodo leaves as the Doctor meets Ben and Polly (Michael Craze and Anneke Wills).


“Oh, that’s it, you’ve been renewed, have you?” And with those words, the Doctor (William Hartnell) becomes the Doctor (Patrick Troughton). The Doctor faces the Daleks and a new foe, the Cybermen in the exciting fourth season of Doctor Who!

 The Smugglers (Story 028) – Ben and Polly’s first trip by TARDIS takes them to the 17th-century Cornish coast, in the era of smugglers. (Reconstruction)

The Tenth Planet (Story 029) – 1986 at the South Pole, An international team is struggling to bring down a shuttle which has inexplicably been drawn out of orbit by the gravity of a tenth planet, Earth’s exact mirror twin. (One animated episode)