The Twin Dilemma (Story 137) – From good to bad, the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker), the Doctor tries to strangle Peri. In penance, the Doctor plans to live in exile, but soon discovers a plot where the evil Mestor tries to spread his eggs throughout creation.


“You’re bonkers!” “That’s debatable!” The unstable Doctor finds his feet in this collection of stories which take him all over time and space. The Doctor meets the Cyber-Controller, the Daleks, the hissing ssserpent Sil and even H.G Wells in the interesting yet very erratic twenty second season of DOCTOR WHO!

Attack of the Cybermen (Story 138) – The TARDIS once again appears in Trotter’s Lane. Halley’s Comet, a galactic distress signal, and a bank heist converge as the Cybermen plan to destroy Earth with the comet before their original planet Mondas is destroyed.

Vengeance on Varos (Story 139) – In a chilling forecast of our own era, politicians live or die based on instant polls. The population of the mines of Varos are entertained and controlled via violent reality TV shows run by the lizard-like Sil.

The Mark of the Rani (Story 140) – In the 19th century village of Killingworth, the Master and the emotionless scientist Time Lady The Rani run experiments on the local miners, taking away their ability to sleep and turning them into thugs.

The Two Doctors (Story 141) – The Doctor vacations in Spain, but soon must keep his second incarnation from changing into an Androgum in a plot by stranded Sontarans. This was the last appearance of Patrick Troughton as the Doctor.

Timelash (Story 142) – In a tightly ruled society, the Doctor, Peri, and Herbert face Morlox and Borad, Tarfel’s despotic ruler and the indisous device call the Timelash.  The events help influence Herbert G. Wells to create the novel The Time Machine.

Revelation of the Daleks (Story 143) – In one of the most bizarre stories ever done on Doctor Who, the Doctor and Peri end up in a galactic graveyard. Davros now calls himself the Great Healer, but is really turning humans into Daleks and needs money.



The Trial of a Time Lord: The Sixth Doctor is tried by the High Council of Time Lords for breaking several of the laws of Gallifrey, including interference with outside worlds and genocide. A dark robed Time Lord named the Valeyard acts as prosecutor. These related episodes include the last material Robert Holmes wrote before his passing.

In the first two chapters, events from the Doctor’s past and present are submitted as evidence of his guilt. The third chapter presents future events in the Doctor’s defense, where he meets Mel (Bonnie Langford), and the last leads to the Doctor defending his life from himself while facing the loss of Peri in the TRIAL OF A TIME LORD!

 The Mysterious Planet (Story 144) – The first episode begins with a motion-control special effect sequence depicting the Doctor’s TARDIS being plucked out of time and space, and the trial begins by seeing events on Ravalox, a very Earth-like planet.

Mindwarp (Story 145) – The Valeyard’s prosecution against the Doctor continues with his visit to Thoros Beta. The venomous Sil is looking for a body to transplant his superior’s brain into, and in the struggles that follow, Peri (Nicola Bryant) is killed!

Terror of the Vervoids (Story 146) – The Doctor is allowed to present evidence in his defense. He chooses events from the future, in hopes that it will prove he has reformed. The Doctor is traveling with his new companion, Mel, and it becomes clear something is wrong in this trial.

The Ultimate Foe (Story 147) – With the evidence complete, the Doctor learns that the Master has gained illicit access to the Matrix in his TARDIS. The Doctor’s trial is halted, and the Doctor confronts the Valeyard and his old rival, the Master, in order to clear his name and to save the High Council. Peri is alive, but facing what most fans think is a fate worse than death, marriage to King Ycarnos (Brian Blessed).