The Time of the Doctor – (Story 245) – The 2013 Christmas special, in which we say goodbye to 11, and say hello to 12! The Doctor goes to the planet Christmas, which is to say Trenzalore, and breathes his last after about 600 years on planet.

Deep Breath (Story 246) – The Doctor winds up in Victorian London, so Clara can be insulted a lot, learn lessons about acceptance, and watch the Doctor beat up crazy, mixed-up clockwork robots.

Into the Dalek (Story 247) – The Doctor does Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as he goes inside Krang – or rather,  inside the shell of a crazy, mixed up glob in battle armor.

Robot of Sherwood (Story 248) – A fun romp in Sherwood Forest that calls to mind The Mind Robber in which the Doctor fights Robin Hood with a spoon!

Listen (Story 249) – What fear lurks in the hearts of men? The Doctor knows, from personal experience! Features a trip to Milliways, the Planet at the End of the Universe. Clara goes on a date, as well.

Time Heist (Story 250) – The Doctor breaks into a vault in an episode that recalls the series Hu$tle. The action is fun, and the bank manager is played by Lara Croft voice actress Keely Hawes.

The Caretaker (Story 251) – The Doctor returns to Coal Hill school, fights a monster pretty much from Wizards vs. Aliens, and Danny and the Doctor meet.

Kill the Moon (Story 252) – In the future, do you kill an innocent, or save others?

Mummy on the Orient Express (Story 253) – Stars pop singer Foxes.

Flatline (Story 254)

In the Forest of the Night (Story 255)

Dark Water (Story 256 – Part 1 of 2)

Death in Heaven (Story 256 – Part 2 of 2)